November 2019 Calendar of Events

November 2019 Calendar of Events

We are so excited to announce our November 2019 Calendar of Events for Baxter Senior Living. Please come and join in our celebrations as we enjoy our time together with family and friends in our brand new state of the art facility. If you have any questions about events please contact our activities director at […]

life-long learning for seniors

The Importance of Life-Long Learning for Seniors

Life-long learning is important for the elderly because, throughout life, we progress through different stages and life phases that enable us to learn the various responsibilities that are associated with our age, and contribute to our development as independent people who contribute to society and human well-being.

Assisted Living in Anchorage

Healthy Winter Foods for Alaskan Seniors

Healthy Winter Foods for Alaskan Seniors Balancing a healthy nutrition diet as you approach your golden age becomes more challenging, particularly during the tough winter months. Seniors may tend to experience reduced appetites, endure mobility limitations, and have greater difficulty with chewing and swallowing food. Due to these reasons, it may become difficult for most […]

Assisted Living facility

Assisted Living facility

Even After All this time The Sun Never Says to the Earth . . . “You Owe Me” . . . Look What Happens With a Love Like That, It Lights the Whole Sky . . . -Hafiz   ————–   We strive to provide an Assisted Living facility for our seniors that promote their […]

Assisted Living in Alaska

International Self-Awareness Month | Assisted Living in Alaska

September is here – the month specifically associated with and dedicated to international self-awareness. Whether you are currently in assisted living in Alaska, this is the time to be introspective, identify our goals and purposes, and work hard towards realizing our full potential and roles in our communities. (Self-awareness is not to be confused with […]

Expressive Movement - Anchorage Museum

Expressive Movement – Anchorage Museum

The Anchorage Museum has an upcoming free 8-week art workshop series for adults 55+ titled “Expressive Movement” at the Anchorage Museum.  The series runs Oct. 2 – Nov. 20, and more information is in the attached flyer. Here is also a link to the Facebook event. People can register at or email me if […]

aging alaskans

Health Awareness for aging Alaskans

As we age and become wiser, so do our physical and cognitive abilities. Though this new life stage may be seen as a benefit in some communities, this life stage could also be associated with increased fears and concerns. Your aging loved one might begin to fear loneliness, being misunderstood, life coming to an end, […]

living with dementia

living with dementia

Have you experienced those glimmers in the eyes of your loved ones living with dementia? It’s such a joyous moment to “see” them once again. Or brighten up about a song they remember, or a memory they’ve found. Gratefulness in those moments…..<3 #Alzheimers Awareness   saving you The darkness takes him over, the sickness pulls […]

Senior Caregiving

Self-Care and Senior Caregiving Techniques

Did you know that this month is National Self-Care Awareness Month? September is a moment to reawaken our consciousness of how essential it is to take care of ourselves. Let’s remind ourselves that we are our own top priority. Many times, we neglect self-care in our daily living and make excuses for a reason or […]

Aging in Alaska

Overcoming the Challenges to Aging in Alaska

There is no denying the fact that aging in Alaska has a unique set of challenges and barriers. From the extreme climatic conditions to geographic isolation, there are a lot of factors that impact healthy aging in Alaska. Baxter Senior Living is on a mission to provide and support seniors with a residential setting that […]