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10 Beautiful Ways to Honor Aging Parents

How many times have you heard to “honor your parents?”  When was the last time you considered this as a personal edict? Consider why this is as relevant to adults as it is to children and identify practical and thoughtful ways of honoring parents as they age. Honoring one’s parents was clearly something close to our hearts. […]


Aging With Attitude for a Long Happy Life

As people age, they may find they do not have the energy or ability to keep up with the active lifestyle they may have enjoyed at a younger age. Sometimes these physical symptoms can lead a person to become more reclusive and introverted. Keeping a good attitude can help a person to deal with the […]


Take Pride in Your Maturity

The older you are, the more life experience you clock up, and experience brings maturity and wisdom, so if you’re in your senior years, you’ll have much to offer. It’s no coincidence that people of retirement age hold many high offices around the world. Just take a look at the seniors on this high-status list, […]

Age-Related Depression

10 Tips for Battling Age-Related Depression

Growing older can be a beautiful, happy process which you can share with everyone that you love. Despite trying to be upbeat, some people will come down with depression for a variety of reasons. Here are some ideas to pick yourself up out of the doldrums and get back to living life to its fullest! […]

Baxter Senior Living Anchorage

Baxter Senior Living Anchorage

We have steel up at Baxter! Take a look at our time-lapse camera located on our website homepage

Improve Your Senior Life

How Positive Talk Can Improve Your Senior Life

You want to be positive. Optimism puts you in a good mood, and you hope others experience positivity too. However, do you talk more about problems than about what makes you happy? If so, you’re not alone. People often focus on what’s wrong in their lives instead of what’s right. They don’t use positive language […]

Eldercare Burnout

How to Prevent Eldercare Burnout

Taking care of elderly parents is a demanding job that can tax you physically, emotionally and financially.  A parent that has dementia or incontinence and can’t be left alone will complicate matters. Parents can also be difficult as they are not used to having someone make the decisions for them. They may fight you on […]

Baxter Senior Living

Baxter Senior Living Announces That Its New Assisted Living Community Development Is Fully Funded – Welcome Residents by August 2019

Contact: Karl Drucks                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel: (907) 891-9696       Email: The development of Baxter Senior Living in Anchorage received a significant boost today with the revelation that it has secured full funding for the finished development of its assisted living residences, amenities, and funding  Anchorage, Alaska,– September 6, 2018 – Senior citizens and their […]

Assisted Living in Alaska

Tips on Choosing an Assisted Living in Alaska

There are many special concerns for anyone considering Assisted Living in Alaska for an aging parent, sibling or relative. Other than care and support, there is also the issue of quality in terms of service, particularly where long-term care is required. To make sure that you choose a facility for assisted living that has all […]

Alzheimer's Patient

5 Ways to Prevent Wandering in Alzheimer’s Patient

The American Alzheimer’s Association says that 6 out of every 10 people diagnosed with the condition will wander away from home. If an Alzehimer’s Patient is successful at eloping then they can easily become lost or injured. If you have a loved one diagnosed with this condition a senior caregiver can help protect them and […]