Alaska Senior

Assistive Devices Every Alaska Senior Should Consider

The vast majority of senior citizens say they want to age in place. They want to live in their own homes and be surrounded by their own familiar things as they get older. They do not want to move in with relatives, enter an assisted living facility or go into a nursing home. The good […]

Transition to Assisted Living

Helping an Aging Parent’s Transition to Assisted Living

It’s predicted that within ten years’ time, for the first time in human history, there will be more people over the age of 65 than children under five. Transition to Assisted Living is an important topic to discuss with your parents. There’s a greater chance that more people will have to cope with an aging […]

Communicating with the Dementia Patient

5 Tips for Communicating with the Dementia Patient

Rates of dementia and other cognitive decline are on the rise in the United States which means communicating with the dementia patient affects most all of us. Today, 5.5 million people live with dementia caused by Alzheimer’s, and many others suffer dementia from other causes. Odds are, you have a friend or family member with […]

Alaska Assisted Living Community

The Next Step: Considering an Alaska Assisted Living Community

Many elders and their families wonder what to do when in-home care is no longer feasible for safety, socialization and healthcare reasons. Assisted living may be the next step, a step that may just put everyone’s mind at ease. What is an Alaska Assisted Living Community Assisted living is service provided in an apartment-like facility […]

assisted living in Alaska

How to Introduce Seniors to the Idea of Assisted Living in Alaska

Talking to seniors about assisted living in Alaska is tough. There is an emotional toll on you because you are talking to people about their ability to care for themselves and changing their lifestyle. This talk can lead to some sensitive areas such as independence, finances, and health care. Have A Plan Before you approach […]

Alaska Senior Retirement

How to Be Happy as You Age | Alaska Senior Retirement

Many Alaskan seniors are unhappy. Their social circle has fallen apart as friends succumbed to illness or moved away to retire. Often, they don’t think they can afford to go out and circulate. As a result, they sit alone in front of the television every day. However, there are ways to boost happiness and make […]

Disposable Income After Retirement

4 Ways Alaskans Can Use Their Disposable Income

Lots of Alaskans find themselves short on money after retirement. But if you have done a good job of living a frugal lifestyle and planning your future, you may discover that you have some disposable income available to you. Be careful that you are certain of your situation before you decide that your income is […]

Alaska and Seniors

Alaska and Seniors – Alaska Listed as TOP Vacation Spot

It’s not unusual to find that in the twilight of their years that senior citizens want to relax and see the fun parts of the world. Some places are friendlier than others for senior citizens. Here are the best vacation spots for senior citizens. 1. Las Vegas Good for the young and old, Las Vegas […]

write letters

Four Reasons to Write Letters In a Wireless Age

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? I’m not talking about an e-mail, a re-tweet or replying to a friend’s status. I mean something you physically wrote and deposited into a mailbox. That’s right – no backspace key, no auto-correct, and you actually have to pay for the stamp. In an […]