Alaska’s newest assisted living community

Financing for the Alaska’s newest assisted living community

“Love Funding secured financing for the Last Frontier’s newest assisted living community. Located in Anchorage’s U-Med district (and less than two miles from three hospitals), the community is being purpose-built by Baxter Senior Living as a high-end assisted living option for Alaskans. Along with 63 private AK and 33 private and semi-private memory care units, […]

Purpose For Seniors

Create a Life of Purpose For Seniors

In this video, Ebert (88) comments on the trouble some older adults face as they move into the later stages of their lives. He teaches us that retirement can be a pleasant and freeing period in one’s life, if you find a purpose for waking up each morning. Baxter Senior Living is a Senior Housing […]

Baxter Senior Living Build Update

Baxter Senior Living Build Update – November 2018!

Take a look at our DUST! We just love the ability to share our progress. Construction is coming right along! Stay posted to our social media for updates. Baxter Senior Living is a Senior Housing Community that will be located in Anchorage, Alaska off of Baxter Road. If you are seeking Anchorage Senior Housing, or […]

Alaska Assisted Living Community

What to Consider When Choosing an Alaska Assisted Living Community

For some of us, while we may not want to accept it, there comes a time when we know that our parent is no longer able to cope on his own and needs some form of assisted living. But while we may have an idea of what our parent can and can’t do for himself, […]

Todays Seniors

Today’s Seniors: How They’re Spending Their Retirement Years

For many of today’s aging adults, retirement is a fallacy more than a reality but not because the aging population can’t afford to retire. Instead, seniors are choosing to stay active and connected in their communities and are doing so in a variety of ways. Many are chasing after their dreams of obtaining higher education […]

Alaska Seniors

How Alaska Seniors Can Avoid Depression

Seniors living alone often experience depression. For some people it can be a serious condition requiring medical attention. Depression can also be a temporary condition brought on by a specific event. Selling the family home, the loss of a loved one or the daily aches and pains of aging may cause a temporary state of […]

Seniors Help in Their Communities

How Seniors Help in Their Communities

You may have heard people say they are getting nervous as they approach retirement age. Many feel they will no longer have any purpose or be needed. The truth is, active senior citizens are more in demand than ever before. They contribute to their families, communities, and charitable organizations in numerous ways. Many organizations would […]

aging parents

10 Beautiful Ways to Honor Aging Parents

How many times have you heard to “honor your parents?”  When was the last time you considered this as a personal edict? Consider why this is as relevant to adults as it is to children and identify practical and thoughtful ways of honoring parents as they age. Honoring one’s parents was clearly something close to our hearts. […]


Aging With Attitude for a Long Happy Life

As people age, they may find they do not have the energy or ability to keep up with the active lifestyle they may have enjoyed at a younger age. Sometimes these physical symptoms can lead a person to become more reclusive and introverted. Keeping a good attitude can help a person to deal with the […]


Take Pride in Your Maturity

The older you are, the more life experience you clock up, and experience brings maturity and wisdom, so if you’re in your senior years, you’ll have much to offer. It’s no coincidence that people of retirement age hold many high offices around the world. Just take a look at the seniors on this high-status list, […]