Parenting a Parent

Parenting a Parent

As our population ages, the individuals born towards the end of the baby boomer generation are gaining new responsibility in caring for their elderly parents. While statistics support the fact that adult daughters are usually the responsible party as their parents age, sons are rapidly gaining in popularity as caregivers. Learning to parent a parent […]

Alaska Assisted Living

Alaska Assisted Living: A Better Option

One of the hardest events in life is watching loved ones grow old, and in some cases become unable to care for themselves properly. For many elderly family members, the risks and difficulties of living an everyday normal life become a staggering reality. Unfortunately, a great number of people go without help either because they […]

Baxter Catalog of Services

Baxter Catalog of Services

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inspire change

Inspire Change

We love “Inspire Change” which is a message which is close to our hearts. We’d love to know, how are you inspiring change in your community? #assistedliving #seniorcare #AnchorageAlaska #alzheimerscare #alzheimer #Alaskasenior

Elderly Parents

Create a Financial Plan to Care for Your Elderly Parents

People today live longer than ever before. One outcome of this development is that people face the reality of having to take care for their parents. People in their 40s and 50s are beginning to accept that, among other things, their parents aged 70 and over will need help dealing with their finances. If you […]

healthy aging

Healthy Aging: the Benefits of Seeing a Geriatric Specialist

A geriatrician specializes in caring for seniors over the age of 65. While not every senior needs such specialized care, those who are troubled by the complications of several age-related conditions could benefit from the attention of a geriatrician.

elderly relatives

Give Your Elderly Relatives…….your TIME

“The most important thing you an give your elderly relatives is your TIME. Time is the most precious gift of all and doesn’t cost a thing. Someday you will be old too!” #senior #love #elderly

Alaska Seniors

3 Reasons Why Alaska Seniors Benefit from Having a Pet

Having a pet at any age can offer benefits to the owner. Alaska Seniors are no exception. While some seniors may think they are not able-bodied enough to manage a pet, barriers such as these can be addressed through choosing the right pet or recruiting the right support, for example, if a dog walker is […]

memory loss and dementia

Exercising Your Brain: How to Keep Your Wits about You Well into Old Age

One of the most common myths about age is that memory loss and dementia are natural parts of the aging process. This is not correct, however. Dementia does tend to strike some older people, it is true. Memory loss also happens to a lot of older people. However, most of the mental decline that most […]