Caregivers of Aging Parents

Considerations For Caregivers of Aging Parents

Caring for aging parents can be quite challenging in some ways. Not only can it be emotionally draining, but it can also present specific financial challenges. There are several options you should consider before taking any action.

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Assisted Living Products Improve Quality of Life

Living comfortably can become a challenge when walking, bending, and other movements are limited. Daily activities may be compromised by medical conditions or by an aging bodyís natural limitations. Fortunately, living aids addressing a variety of needs are available. Assisted living products make it possible for many seniors to live comfortably and independently whether in […]

Senior-Living Assisted-Living Alaska Anchorage

Senior-Living Assisted-Living Alaska Anchorage

Baxter Senior Living provides assisted living homes in Anchorage. We will provide seniors an option to remain living in Anchorage.  If you are seeking Assisted living in Anchorage AK, or Assisted Living in Alaska please contact us today to make your reservations. Baxter Senior care is also providing Memory Care in Anchorage (907) 891-9696 or […]

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Music Therapy Benefits Alzheimer’s Patients

Many associate forgetfulness with old age, but one disease diagnosed primarily in elderly patients severely affects the memory of over five million Americans.  Sometimes known as “old timer’s disease”,  Alzheimer’s most often affects patients over the age of 65. A form of dementia, the disease causes changes in the brain which initially cause mild memory […]

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Aging with Grace

The time clock of life ticks along at the same pace for everyone. While no one ultimately wins the battle of aging, there are some steps you can take to age with style and grace. Consider these ways to empower yourself in the battle to remain young and vital. 1. Develop the right mental attitude […]

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Flowers Have the Power to Make Alaska Seniors Happier

The continuing popularity of flowers as a gift is testament to the pleasure people get from the beauty of flowers. But in addition to generating happiness, research has shown that receiving flowers does a whole lot more. A study at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, demonstrates that in a group of senior citizens, […]

Anchorage Senior Care with Baxter Senior Living

Anchorage Senior Care with Baxter Senior Living!

We were able to take a “behind the scenes” walk though at the Baxter build this month (March 2019). We are really making some amazing and EXCITING progress! It’s amazing to see what was just something we talked about and planned for truly come to fruition. We can officially see the structure of the internal […]

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Senior Care Tips: How to Deal with a Loved One’s Memory Loss as They Age

Memory loss is a common concern for families with loved ones living in senior care Anchorage Alaska facilities. Whether the memory loss is an early warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, or just a sign a family member’s mind is beginning to slow, the gradual loss of memories can be quite difficult to accept. […]