Signs of Alzheimer's

Spotting the Signs of Alzheimer’s for Early and Effective Treatment

It’s entirely normal for age to take its toll on mental sharpness. Most people become a little more forgetful or a little less attentive as they enter their golden years. However, sometimes things take a far more serious turn. Approximately one in 10 people aged 65 and over will develop Alzheimer’s, the most common form […]

Dementia Sufferer Needs Residential Care

When the Dementia Sufferer Needs Residential Care

In 2018, there were 5.4 million people living with dementia caused by Alzheimer’s or other diseases. Eighty percent of these sufferers lived at home, most cared for by unpaid friends and family members. If you’re one such caregiver, you’ve probably though about if or when you should move your loved one to residential care. Caregiving […]

Manage the Holidays

Use the CHEER Plan to Manage the Holidays

How to Use the CHEER Plan to Manage the Holidays With Aging Parents A Place for Mom’s CHEER Plan stands for: Check – CHECK on your parent’s well-being. Help -HELP your senior loved one stay engaged. Empower – EMPOWER your parent to live independently. Enjoy – ENJOY your time together. Reminisce – REMINISCE with parents and senior loved ones. It […]

Keep Mental Abilities Sharp in Alaska Seniors

Creating New Experiences to Keep Mental Abilities Sharp in Alaska Seniors

By the time people reach their senior years, they’ve probably heard the standard recommendations for keeping mental abilities sharp and preventing memory issues. Two frequently offered examples include doing crossword puzzles and completing word games. Although this may help to a certain extent, research indicates that regularly having new experiences is essential for maintaining cognitive […]

Protect Yourself Against Flu

7 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself Against Flu in Your Senior Years

As you grow older, your immune system gets weaker. When you turn 65, you are more prone to getting the flu and developing its complications, like pneumonia and sepsis (bacterial infection in the blood). If you have lung or heart disease, the flu can make it worse. The good news is there are simple ways […]

Baxter Senior Living Build Progress

Baxter Senior Living Build Progress | December 2018

We are making great progress on our Baxter Senior Living construction site. The backdrop of Alaska during December makes it an even more beautiful sight. Take a look at our most recent capture! Our build is located at 4308 Baxter Road Anchorage, Alaska 99504. Drive by if you’d like to see our progress in person! […]

Alaska’s newest assisted living community

Financing for the Alaska’s newest assisted living community

“Love Funding secured financing for the Last Frontier’s newest assisted living community. Located in Anchorage’s U-Med district (and less than two miles from three hospitals), the community is being purpose-built by Baxter Senior Living as a high-end assisted living option for Alaskans. Along with 63 private AK and 33 private and semi-private memory care units, […]

Purpose For Seniors

Create a Life of Purpose For Seniors

In this video, Ebert (88) comments on the trouble some older adults face as they move into the later stages of their lives. He teaches us that retirement can be a pleasant and freeing period in one’s life, if you find a purpose for waking up each morning. Baxter Senior Living is a Senior Housing […]

Baxter Senior Living Build Update

Baxter Senior Living Build Update – November 2018!

Take a look at our DUST! We just love the ability to share our progress. Construction is coming right along! Stay posted to our social media for updates. Baxter Senior Living is a Senior Housing Community that will be located in Anchorage, Alaska off of Baxter Road. If you are seeking Anchorage Senior Housing, or […]

Alaska Assisted Living Community

What to Consider When Choosing an Alaska Assisted Living Community

For some of us, while we may not want to accept it, there comes a time when we know that our parent is no longer able to cope on his own and needs some form of assisted living. But while we may have an idea of what our parent can and can’t do for himself, […]